10 Things Artists Can Do During Coronavirus Self-Isolation

The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of us. For artists, like everyone, it has led to the loss of income and cancellation of events and opportunities. No one’s lives have gone untouched by this pandemic but there are many things that we, as artists, can do while we are self-isolating.  Below are 10 things artists can do to remain creative, positive and inspired during this time:

1. Continue Creating Art

This is the most important thing an artist can do. Although being stuck at home can be challenging, all that extra time can be an opportunity. Use it to jump-start your creativity.  Start a new piece of art or try to finish one that has been giving you trouble. Just continue to create!

2. Evaluate and Update Your Website

At the beginning of every year, we always recommend that artists evaluate and update their websites. For those that have not had the time to do so, this is the perfect opportunity.  Keeping your website current, with your current work highlighted, is essential for artists, now more than ever as people will have more time on their hands to surf the internet looking for positive things to view.

3. Evaluate and Update Your Portfolio

Similarly, like evaluating and updating your website, we also recommend artists evaluate and update their portfolios.

4. Review and Update Your Biography & Artist Statements

Life is ever changing and it is important for artists to keep their biographies and artist statements up to date. Also, update your CV by adding any exhibitions, new publications or other pertinent information that has taken place since the last time they were updated.

5. Maintain and/or Grow Your Social Media Presence

Just because you are confined to the house doesn’t mean you can’t show your art to others.  Keeping active on social media is a good way to connect with other artists as well as collectors. Keep your art in the forefront of their minds so that when this is over, or even before, you might be able to generate some sales.

6. Take a Virtual Museum Tour

It is important to remain inspired and active during this time of self-imposed (and for some forced) isolation. Museums from around the world are now offering online virtual tours. Visit these museums and be inspired to create more art.

7. Reach out to Friends and Family for Support & Ideas

Physical isolation does not need to also be social isolation.  Keeping in touch with others is what is going to get us through this. We need to stay positive and we need the support of friends and family to do so.  Reach out and run idea for a new painting by a friend or family member. Get feedback on a piece you’re currently working on and share it once it is completed. This will not only keep you inspired to keep working but will give your family and friends something to look forward to.

8. Take an Online Art Class

Many universities, art teachers and websites are offering free online art classes right now. From Art History to painting, drawing and photography classes, there is something for everyone to get inspired, continue creating and maybe even learn something new.

9. Reach out to Your Collectors

If for no other reason, just to touch base and wish them well.  Perhaps send an email and invite them to see your new work on your newly updated website (see point #2 above). They are already fans of your work and perhaps it might inspire them to purchase a new piece, particularly if you decide to offer a discount or limited-time sale.

10. Research & Apply for Art’s Grants & Small Business Relief Programs

Many organizations are now offering grants for artists and small business relief programs.  There are many that are geared specifically for artists and the arts community.  Apply for any and all that you think you might qualify for. The worst that can happen is they can say no.


We at the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery are also affected by this pandemic. Like so many others, our lives and livelihoods are being drastically affected by this global crisis. Our income is dependent on entry fees and during a time of financial crisis, disposable income is reduced. Thus, the gallery’s income is exponentially reduced. Nevertheless, we are committed to continuing our work of helping artists to continue to market their art to a worldwide audience.

How are we doing this?  We are continuing to host our online art competitions and exhibitions. We are continuing our marketing and promotion efforts for artists. We are continuing to support and encourage our artists to keep positive and keep creating.  And we will continue to be here for all of you as an outlet to share your talent with each other and the world because we must all stick together and support each other in this time of crisis.

In that spirit, although LST was scheduled to increase entry fees by $1 starting with the 10th Annual “Landscapes” Art Competition (opening for entries on April 10th), due to the Coronavirus pandemic - we have postponed the increase in entry fees until June 2020.

While LST continues to have one of the lowest entry fees around, we still recognize that artists have a choice of art competitions and exhibitions to enter and that money is tight for all of us right now. We value and are humbled by the loyalty of our artists and we are committed to maintaining our loyalty and support of them.

Thank you again to all of our artists for being such an important part of our gallery!  Stay safe and healthy!

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