3 Quick Tips Before Writing an Art Press Release

3 Quick Tips Before Writing an Art Related Press ReleaseBefore you begin writing an art press release, keep in mind the following three thoughts and ideas throughout the process of writing your press release:

1.  Who is Your Audience? - As in all good and effective marketing, just who is your target audience? Exactly who do you want to read your press release? Is the press release intended for friends, art buyers, gallery owners, other artists or art-related journalists? Decide who, then slant the press release towards this audience.

2.  Exactly what is the Focus and Subject Going to Be About? - What is the topic of your press release? What is the main theme going to be about? What exactly do you want people who read this press release to do? What action do you want your audience to take? Do you want them to call, go to a website, email for further information or do you want them to attend an event? Once you have this set in your mind it will be easier to write this press release.

When I write a press release or an article I always start with the title of the post. That cements in my mind exactly what I want to get across in my article/press release. Try writing your title first!

3.  Is This Press Release Really Newsworthy? - Many times I will see a press release that is not a press release, but rather it is an advertisement. Is it an event, a new product, a special award? If so, it is news and if not, it should not be written or submitted. In the public relations business, this is called a “News Hook”. Just make sure that you meet this criterion prior to writing a press release.

If an artist does not meet these three principles the press release will not be able to reach its intended target, will also not be written concisely in order to get the main points across and finally, if the press release is not really news, then it will not be accepted, read and distributed by the press.


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