Content is #1 Way to Drive Traffic to Your Art Site

Artists Should Use Content Marketing to Create More Traffic to their Art WebsiteEvery day I hear from artists who are unhappy with the volume of traffic that visits their website and of course, the disappointing amount of sales that they ultimately achieve. To me, besides paid advertising, the number one way to quickly increase traffic to an art website is to create and publish interesting content related to art. This form of marketing is called “Content Marketing” and it is used by all successful marketers in and out of the art business.

Content marketing is the creation and the publishing of pertinent and interesting content, which attracts a defined target audience. After finding and reading the article content, the reader will then take further action related to that content. Simply put, people are clamoring for good information that they find authoritative, interesting and informative on a given subject, in this case, art. How do they discover this information? A majority of people now research subjects online, by using search engines to find and discover materials, information and related content associated with their interests.

Therefore, a well-written article about an art-related subject, which employs a title, sub-title, and paragraphs with art related keywords can be found online, within 24 hours by the author’s target audience, when a search for that topic is used with those art related keywords.

It is a fairly simple process of writing and publishing the content online through an artist’s website or through their art blog. Additional means by which an artist can publish content is through press releases, document sites, article sites, social media outlets, art related community sites and art forums. When a search engine crawls a website, they now pick up and index a well written, keyword rich and relevant article within a few hours! From there, an artist can further promote and leverage that article through social media and with their social networks. The better and more informative the article, the more people will take the time to read and then subsequently share with others.

A well-written article will have a keyword rich title, as this is the main determination for people in finding that article. Also, the title has to be related to the content of the article. That is why the same and related keywords should also be used within the content of the article, as the search engines want to see that the title is also related to the content. To further this thought, any links within the article should also be strongly related to the subject matter, as this helps the search engines in grading its importance and subsequently, help in getting found too.

Overall, a keyword rich and informative article which is related to art or about an art niche can help to point visitors to your art website. When an artist creates informative content on a continual and consistent basis, they will be able to create interest and traffic to their website. If artists are unhappy with their art sales, they should employ article content as part of their overall marketing program.


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