Crystal Art Outfitters New Apparel Line

MOORPARK, CA – April 14, 2016 – Crystal Art Outfitters is a new apparel and accessories brand founded by artist Carol Roullard. The products feature stunning scenes and patterns from photographs of homegrown crystals Ms. Roullard took through a high-power microscope.

The garments, including the Crystal Yoga Pants, Crystal Scarves and Crystal Kimonos, feature beautiful, intricate and exclusive prints of crystals through a microscope. The brand’s smart phone and laptop cases display the crystals' brilliance in gorgeous resolution, with a candy-coated effect.

“Positive Art has been proven to enhance the viewer’s well-being and even their health,” says Founder and Artist Carol Roullard. “My goal has been for my art to do exactly this. I’m elated to now have the opportunity to bring that same positive impact to the fashion world. I feel it is important to create quality eye-catching garments and accessories that also lift the owner’s spirit.”

Crystal Art Outfitters offers customers an opportunity to wear that good feeling and bring it with them into their daily life.

Ms. Roullard seeks to introduce those outside of the fine art scene to the amazing world of micro-crystals. She combines chemistry, micrography, photography and a keen eye for design to create remarkably unique garments and accessories.

Carol Roullard’s artwork challenges viewers to interpret new worlds, fantastic landscapes, sublime seascapes and other unanticipated sights. “The entire process of creating my micro-crystal art truly excites me; from growing the crystals to witnessing the awe in people’s expressions when viewing an art piece, garment or fashion accessory for the first time,” says Ms. Roullard. “Everyone sees something different. People are captivated by the abstract, yet inexplicably familiar shapes and structures in the crystal formations.”  For further information:

About Carol Roullard

Carol Roullard is an artist and author. Currently, she has focused her artistic skills towards creating micro-crystal fine art photography and designing her clothing and accessories line. Using a high-power microscope and polarized light Ms. Roullard finds unique images that will never occur again in nature. In addition, she has co-authored eight photography-related books with her husband, Dr. Brian Matsumoto, and they are currently working on their ninth book together.

For more information on this release, or to schedule an interview with Carol Roullard, please contact Sarah Le via phone at 805.660.7776 or email at


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