Henriette Roka-Aardal’s “Art in a House” Exhibit

RÖYKEN, NORWAY – March 31, 2016 - / This April the artist Henriette Roka-Aardal will show a dozen of her paintings in quite a special art exhibition in Röyken, which is just half an hour outside of Oslo, in Norway.

The art exhibition "Art in a House" ("Kunst i Hus") will take place in a private atmosphere in a brand new functionalist house by one of Norway´s largest house constructors Block Watne, whom the artist has started a collaboration with.

The exhibition is quite an exciting and interesting project never seen done before by any other artist in Norway.

As a viewer you will see art surrounded in a striking home instead of a gallery. Will you see and experience art in a different way than if you´d seen it in a high class gallery? Every room in the show house is decorated with Roka-Aardal´s paintings, and in this exhibition you could not only buy the art you see, you can also buy the house!

About the Artist:

The Norwegian artist Henriette Roka-Aardal (born 1975) is continuing her late grandfather Charles Roka´s artistic legacy. From her debut exhibition in 2014 she has carried out several exhibitions both national and international, together with artists such as Ekatherina S, Silvia Papas, Brian Albers and Elling Reitan.

Henriette draws inspiration from different things she sees or hears in everyday life. A play of colors on an old brick wall, texture from the nature, or a song on the radio. A sketch can either turn into a painting right away or remain for several years before it can be picked up again and realized on a canvas. She paints with few earthy tones and blends into inks and chlorine. This creates exciting color combinations and effects in her paintings. At this point and until now she has, with her background and the techniques she uses, developed her skills and style which can be characterized as expressionist and figurative.

Issuer Contact Information

Website:           www.roka-aardal.com  

Email:                henriettera@mac.com  

Instagram:      roka_aardal

Twitter:            @Roka-Aardal


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