How to Promote Your Art Exhibition Success

After entering art competitions and applying for group art exhibitions, suddenly it happens - your work is accepted!  How do you leverage your art exhibition triumph?

Below are the five quickest and most effective for an artist to promote and leverage their success;

Post an Article on Your Website

Create and post an article on your website detailing information about the competition, the organization, how many artists and entries there were for this event, the theme and how you chose to submit this particular art for this competition.   

Create and Distribute a Press Release

Create a professional press release announcing your exhibition success in the third person (as if someone other than yourself had written about this event). 

We have articles and forms on our website that you can use as a template in writing the press release. Helpful Press Release Hints Here.

When that is completed, research online press release distribution companies and select someone to distribute the release for you.  There are companies that will distribute a press release for as little as $15.00, depending on the type and amount of distribution that you want.  Make sure that the press release targets the art industry and contains active links back to your website as well as to the art exhibition.

Send an Email to Interested People

Hopefully, you have been acquiring names and email addresses for people and visitors to your website and social media networks. Send these people a newsletter notice, a copy of a press release or a copy of your website article post.

Invite them to view your art or the exhibition online as well as in person.  Provide dates, times, addresses, telephone numbers, and links.  Use your winning art as a graphic for the email, newsletter, article post and the press release.

Post This Event on Social Media

In order to announce this event, post your article post, press release or YouTube Video on your social media networks multiple times at varying times of the day.  Ask your friends to “share” these social media posts too.  Be sure the post contains active links back to your website as well as to the art exhibition.

Create a YouTube Video and Promote It

Create a YouTube Video (Slide Show) about the art, the art exhibition, the opening of the show, etc.  There are many free or inexpensive programs (Windows Movie Maker) you can use to create these. 

Create a YouTube channel and upload and promote the video to your contacts, networks, and friends.  You have the ability to share and distribute the video directly from YouTube. 

There are additional ways in which an artist can promote and market their art exhibition success.  But we believe that these are the most effective ways in which an artist can let the art world know about their art and their art exhibition. 

In terms of expense, except for the professional press release distribution, these steps are free requiring only the artist’s time. 


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