Mahrukh Shabbir – Artist Showcase - Removed

After the opening of this Artist Showcase, it was brought to our attention that the artworks submitted were not the work of the artist.

We investigated the matter and determined that the artist did, in fact, submit work that was not her own. It was the work of several different artists and was deliberately submitted deceptively.

Therefore we have removed this Artist Showcase from the Light Space Time website.

We work very hard to do our due diligence when jurying work that is submitted to all of our art competitions and accepted into all of our art exhibitions. However, we work on the honor system. Due to the time constraints of running a website that hosts as many competitions/exhibitions as we do each year, it is simply not possible to independently verify each individual artwork that is submitted. Therefore, we have to assume artists are being honest and honorable when they submit artwork to our competitions.

Regardless, at the bottom of every one of our entry forms, before artists can complete their entry, they must click a box affirming that the work they are submitting is their own and they own the copyright to the work. We require this to enter all of our art competitions on both the LST website and its parent company, Fusion Art's website.

Here is the verbiage on the entry forms:

I Own the Copyrights to These Image(s) and I am authorized to upload them to this art competition. Also, I have Read, Understand and Agree to all of the Rules, the Terms of Service & the Privacy Policy to this Art Competition and to LIGHTSPACETIME.ART. I agree that by entering this art competition I am "opting in" to Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery's email list. I also agree that I understand that entry fees are NOT refundable under any circumstances, including if my artwork is not selected for inclusion in the exhibition. If I do not agree to these terms, I will not submit my artwork for consideration.

We, at Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery and Fusion Art, take copyright infringement and stealing the work of other artists very seriously. Under NO circumstances do we allow stolen or copyright infringed artwork on our websites. Any time a question arises regarding copyright, we immediately take action and investigate. Then we take the appropriate action and remove any and all work in question from the website. We will continue to do so as protecting artists and their work is our most important mission.

Thank you and, as always, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.




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