Maybe it’s Your Presentation & Not Your Art?

Make Better EntriesSometimes a poorly presented art entry may be the cause of one’s art not getting into an art exhibition, rather than the quality of the art that was entered.  How can that be, after all, isn’t this an art competition?  This article will discuss how a poorly presented submission or entry and not the quality of the art may be the reason for not being accepted into an art exhibition.

Every month Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery receives wonderful art for our competitions.  Some of the art that we receive may have been very good but because of the artist’s entry, we were unable to properly judge the art.  This is usually caused by the overall quality of the image(s) as being too poor to be able to be placed in the art exhibition.  The art that was submitted may have been excellent but because the artist did not take care, used poor equipment or their technique for recording the art was not as good as it should or could have been. 

Recently, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery began accepting 3D art and we have received some wonderful works.  We have also received some work that was so poorly presented that we could not judge the art on the same level as the other entries.  Because of this, we could not place this art in the exhibition too.  Artists should realize that their presentation/entry is just as important as their art when it comes to entering an art competition.

If artists have not been getting into as many exhibitions as they would like, versus the number of competitions that they have been entering, those artists should take a fresh and objective look at how they are recording and submitting their art.

Our website has several articles on the proper techniques to record and present art.  The internet has many other helpful articles that will help the serious artist to improve their art submissions.

Artists should look to improve their submissions by studying the basic techniques of recording their artworks and by spending more time on this process prior to submitting their art.  Remember, this is a competition and besides the quality of the art received, the artist’s submission presentation can either help or hurt them.

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