Shaoqiang Chen’s Lecture on Chinese Paintings

RICHMOND, VA February 26, 2015 / - Shaoqiang Chen gave a public lecture on Chinese painting at the Twin Hickory Library on February 21st. The lecture consisted of two parts: 1) presentation on how to read Chinese painting; 2) hands-on experience of Chinese painting. The lecture attracted many art lovers’ attentions. Shaoqiang Chen not only vividly explained how to appreciate arts from cultural perspective but also guided people to paint a piece of lotus painting, which further helped them better understand Chinese painting through practice.

During the presentation, Shaoqiang Chen conducted deep dive on: 1) foundation differences between Western and Chinese painting theories, 2) the connection between Chinese painting and traditional Chinese culture & philosophy such as Taoism philosophy, 3) Chinese calligraphy art of lines as foundation for Chinese painting, 4) examples of how to distinguish excellent Chinese painting. Shaoqiang Chen emphasized that any forms of arts are connected to their culture and foundational theory. For example, in traditional Western painting, perspective science is one important foundation. For Chinese painting, however, Chinese calligraphy strokes and “Ying & Yang” are decisive elements.

To correctly appreciate Chinese painting, one must read from the key Chinese art elements: calligraphy strokes, “Ying & Yang” contrasts, Chinese philosophy and Chinese culture, etc. After the hands-on experience, many people gave instant positive feedbacks. “I have taken art history courses about Chinese arts in University, but none of the those explained so thorough and vividly as this lecture did.”, said one student.

Due to people’s further interests and requests at the end of this lecture, the Twin Hickory library would host more lectures on Chinese arts provided by Shaoqiang Chen in the near future. For more information about the lecture, contact Twin Hickory Library at (804)290-9200 or  

About Shaoqiang Chen

Shaoqiang Chen pseudonym “Fou Chi” or “Follower of Wu” and “Zhi Yuan” or “Learning from Afar”. Master Chen is a Yihong Culture Communication Distinguished International Artist.  He is a Nanning Yihong Fine Art School Distinguished Art Teacher to the United States. Chen is a Yihong Culture Communication Distinguished International Art Juror and a Richmond Painting and Calligraphy Club Board Member. He also is a member of Guangxi Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute.

Master Chen is the founder of “Heaven Style” of painting. He learned Painting, Calligraphy and Seal Cutting from Master Hong Huang, who is the standing director of Guangxi Calligraphy & Painting Research Institute and the founder of Yihong Fine Art School China. Master Chen is an expert at Mountain – Waters painting, Flower – Bird painting regular script in small characters calligraphy?running script calligraphy and seal carving. He has won many awards in national and international art exhibitions and competitions. Shaoqiang Chen's website is




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