Summer Bhullar Debuts Her Supreme Reality Art

POUND RIDGE, NY – October 15, 2015 / - Opening Saturday October 17, 2015 at the Pound Ridge Library, Solo Art Exhibit debut of Summer Bhullar and her new art genre named Supreme Reality Art. Opening reception and gallery talk hosted by the artist’s father and co-curator, Mystic Guide Birinder from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.

“Summer Bhullar is an original artist who comes to art quite naturally,” says Barbara Nessim, American Artist, illustrator, and educator. “Her work moves through space effortlessly while creating the energy released by the movement of her actions. Summer has a rhythm of color that is uniquely hers. I have seen no other artist that has created artworks such as hers.”

“Bhullar offers us an alternative art reality that is in keeping with modern art but significantly transforms its influences into a unique combination of effects that exploits the epic paradigms of contemporary painting,” says Jonathan Goodman, Art Critic and Professor, Pratt Institute

Summer Bhullar is an artist who has created an original genre. Currently art experts are categorizing her works under Abstract Expressionism and Abstract Impressionism.  Summer does not agree with this. She feels her art is objective, as real as the concrete realities of the phenomenal world, and without any distortion or exaggeration by the mind. She says her art represents experience-able facts of a deeper Universal Reality, which is the Source of everything that exists, and which science and mysticism have continued to explore into.

When asked, “Who is your favorite artist?”, this thirty-something New York City based artist replies, “The Supreme Being is The Ultimate Artist.” She is a spiritual seeker whose artwork arises from her love for The Supreme Being. Her paintings represent her experiences with The Supreme Reality and she has named this new art genre Supreme Reality Art.

The themes of Summer’s paintings are transcendental, with titles like -- Bondage of Ignorant Thought, Search for the Soul, The Divine Fire, Self in Worship, The Supreme Feminine, Bliss of Surrender, and Humility of the Saints.

Originally from India, Summer was raised within a spiritual family. This environment inspired her to live for the True Purpose of life and seek The Supreme Reality. 

Her father is a Mystic and her Guide on this journey. He explains, “If Summer was not a seeker of Supreme Reality, her unique Art would have remained abstract to her all her life. From Mystical Knowing we came to know what her Artwork is saying. In the history of art, even many great artists were not clear what they were expressing. Why else did they become depressed in-spite of fine creative expression, and some even ended their lives?  Clarity about your expression is essential.”

Since early childhood, drawing, sketching, and painting came naturally to her.  She came to the USA in 2009 and began studying art formally at the National Academy Museum & School, New York City.  Summer decided to live here as she saw it as the best place to evolve her art and explain it to the world.  Recently she was granted permanent residence in the United States on the basis of an artist of extraordinary ability.

Summer has exhibited her artwork in several galleries and international exhibitions since 2011.  Art experts and critics reviewing her work corroborate her style.

Supreme Reality Art exhibit October 17 - November 28, 2015 at the Pound Ridge Library, 271 Westchester Avenue, Pound Ridge, NY 10576

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