10 Events for Artists to Send Out Press Releases

10 EVENTS FOR ARTISTS TO SEND OUT PRESS RELEASESArtists should use press releases to promote and market their art brand whenever they are involved in or when they participate in any newsworthy art-related event. Press releases are a very fast and effective way in which an artist can get their “message” to their target audience.

Today, there are myriad of press release services who will distribute an artist’s press release news within a 24 hour period of time, and importantly, for a very low cost to the artist. Besides getting the news/message out, press releases also create “backlinks” to the artist’s website, which in turn helps an artist in achieving a higher page rank when the major search engines index their website.

Just what are some occasions and reasons to create and distribute a press release? Below are what we believe to be the “Top 10 Events” for an artist to send out a press release:

1.   Participation in Any New Art Shows.

2.   Any New Art Gallery Representation.

3.   Any Art Competition Success.

4.   Participation in Any Group or Solo Exhibitions.

5.   Any Speech or Presentation which is Art Related.

6.   The Donation of Art or Participation in a Charity Event.

7.   Any New Sale or Installation of Art.

8.   The Announcement of a New Series of Art.

9.   Announcing a New Publication or Book.

10. Receiving Any Awards or for Any Special Recognition.

Just remember that a press release should be when an event is “newsworthy” and it is not a commercial or a blatant self-promotion. An artist’s press release should answer the following questions for the reader: who, what, when, where, why and how. To write about anything else will make an advertisement out of one’s work and the press release will either not be accepted for publishing and distribution or it will simply not be read at all.

All press releases should have an “About the Artist” section, as well as an “Artist Contact” section contained at the end of the press release. In addition, there should always be links back to the artist’s website or blog contained in the press release.

Artists should begin to formulate and plan on how they can benefit from press release marketing and promotion now and in the future based on any of their newsworthy “art events”.


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