Rejected! or He's Just Not That Into Your Art...

After submitting for a juried art show and being rejected, it can be quite a negative experience to the artist. Sometimes this will lead the artist to doubt their artistic talent, their technique and their overall sense of well-being.

Artists’ should understand that the decision as to who is accepted into a show is a very subjective and personal decision made by the juror(s). This decision simply means that your art was not appealing to that judge or person. It is as simple as that and nothing more. What is rejected by one juror for an exhibition might be selected by another juror and for a different show.

I have had some of my “best” images rejected for a particular show that I was sure that I was going to get into, only to be rejected. While at the same time I had those same images out to another juried competition, only to find out that I won! Why and how does this happen? It is a personal and subjective decision made by the judge for that particular show. It is really as simple as that. Possibly a different piece of art or a different style of art may have made the juror look and select your art for that show. Who knows? I do not believe that you could ever find out why your art was rejected. The bottom line is that they did not like it, for whatever personal reasons that they had at the time.

The good news is that every artist has experienced some rejection of their art and that rejection is all part of the game. When an artist is rejected for a show or by an art gallery I think it is a good time to remember why you create your art. Your art is a personal reflection and expression of you. Through your art you are communicating what is inside of you and if people are “listening” great and if not, who cares! If your sole reason for creating your art is to “get into shows” I think you need to reevaluate your reasons for creating your art.

To most artists, we love what we do and the inner joy and feeling that we get when we do, what we love to do. If some juror or judge just doesn't “get” what we do, remember, he's just not that into your art and that is nothing personal!

Don’t ever give up creating, trust yourself and create your art for you, not for some judge.


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